Call for applicants – AIA Executive Committee 2016/17

Dear Friends of AMSA International Australia,

We have had an incredibly exciting year. The 2015-2016 tenure has seen the growing success of Australian exchange programs with Asian medical schools. Students coming from all across the Asia-Pacific Region visited our friendly hosts in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, and we also had two fruitful outgoing exchanges to Taiwan and India. Of course, we also saw two incredibly successful conference delegations at EAMSC Taipei and AMSC Manila.

However, the time has now come for our amazing executive team to take a rest from all their hard work. Applications are now open for the AIA executive committee 2016-2017!

We are seeking medical students like yourselves who are passionate about promoting international collaboration and friendship. Roles on offer include:

  • Vice-Regional Chairperson Internal
  • Vice-Regional Chairperson External
  • Chief Engagement Officer
  • National AMSEP Officer
  • Chief Social Officer
  • IT & Promotion Officer
  • Student Ambassador of your university

Please refer to the Call for Applicants document for more details on the roles available and instructions on applying, and please share this with anyone else you think may be interested.

Note also that these positions are very flexible and can be adapted to suit your talents and vision. If you have any questions about any of the positions or the application process, please feel free to email the 2015-2016 position holders, or contact me at

Applications are open to all Australian medical students, and will close on Friday, 16th of September 2016.


Another piece of exciting news comes from the upcoming EAMSC 2017 in Melbourne, Australia (January 9-13, 2017). This is the first AMSA International conference to be hosted in Australia, and an excellent opportunity for Australian medical students to get involved. Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming recruitment for conference delegation.

Lastly, our sincere gratitude to our wonderful outgoing Regional Chairperson Nadia and her fabulous team for all the hard work they have done this past year. 

Warm regards 🐨


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Andrew Wang, BSc (University of Auckland), MD (University of Melbourne – 2017)  |
+61 459 711 422 |  S: andrew_wang28
Regional Chairperson of Australia
Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA International)
Australian Medical Students’ Association Global Health