Second Call for Applicants – AMSC 2017 Seoul, South Korea


This is your second and last chance to join the AMSC Seoul delegation!
We heard your panic and disappointment last Sunday when you just missed out on the AMSC application deadline, and the little excuse at the back of your mind telling you that the application process is too much to take on. Well, try and say no to this 

We have simplified the application process. Simply answer a few questions and send in a copy of your CV to Andrew (, and you will be on your way to the land of K-pop, KFC, shopping, partying, hanbok, BBQ, cosmetics, and so much more!

APPLY HERE:  ***Applications CLOSE at 11:59PM on WEDNESDAY, 29 MARCH ***

Pre-conference booklet and itinerary here.

Information about applying and the desirable qualities for conference delegates is available here.

This conference is open to ALL medical students in Australia, domestic and international.

========= Summary =========
Date: 23-29th July, 2017
Theme: Accidents in the Medical Field – Hospital, no longer a safe area
Cost: USD 610+ AUD 50 (approx. AUD 850, inclusive of ALL meals, 7 nights of accomodation, transportation, academic, social and cultural activities.